About Steven Wightman, Certified Financial Planner

Women, Wealth and Wisdom, the book.

Life of purpose on purpose.

About Steven Wightman, Certified Financial Planner, since 1995. Now working on a new book “Don’t Be Trumped, 7 Steps to Protect Your Assets and Retirement Savings.”

Steve Wightman has worked with families and financial planning practices building stronger financial foundations by strengthening advisor-client pairing process so they both may focus on synergistic milestones. Quoted in publications like Bloomberg and Kiplinger Magazines, Dow Jones, Newsweek, Business Week, U.S. News and World Report, Boston Magazine and cover stories of Financial Advisor Magazine, he writes blogs and articles for financial advisors and their clients. Click here for media credits:


How Steve Helps Others

Steve has a knack for distilling very complex financial topics to terms and concepts people understand through story telling, analogies, books, talks, blogs, and metaphors. He believes that when people truly understand what financial planning can do for them on a very personal level, their lives become fueled for positive change.

Other Interesting Things About Steve Wightman, CFP

He also was a contributing author to Tips From The Top. Targeted Advice from America’s Top Money Minds, C. 2003.  Steve served in the active army and army reserve forces from 1966-1997 in aviation and healthcare. After retiring from a career in the United States Army, Steve served as a personal finance educator to the U.S. National Guard and Army and Marine Corps Reserve Forces. He now works as a volunteer for the Lexington, MA VFW as a trustee and Veteran’s Service Officer and as an advisor to the Hanscom Federal Credit Union, Bedford, MA.

Did you know that Steve loves to pilot airplanes and that he also built and flew the world’s fastest amphibious airplane called a Super Seawind?  See http://www.Superseawind.com and that he unofficially broke the 2016 world single-engine amphibious airplane speed record of 180 MPH at a recorded speed of 219 MPH. Furthermore, he is an instrument rated pilot and a shutterbug. He is also a proud recipient of the 1998 Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Human Rights Award for his volunteer work protecting at risk American children. He lives in Lexington, MA with his wife Margaret.

Why is Steven Wightman is qualified to write Women, Wealth and Wisdom; Unleash the Power Within to a Life of Purpose? It’s because of his many years of providing high-quality wealth planning advice as a certified financial fee-only financial planner who put client interests front and foremost to assist families, and especially today’s women to achieve transformative lives.

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