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About Steven Wightman, CFP

Steven Wightman is qualified to write this book because of his many years of providing high-quality wealth management planning advice as a certified financial planner and fee-only financial fiduciary to families, and especially to women in transition to and from single life. He has listened to the tremble in their voices and rejoiced in the bigness of their hearts. Life as a wealth management advisor is not dull. One woman Steven worked with had loaded a pistol just before she called. It was the end of another long work day, and Steve had just taken his first steps to leave his office. He almost didn’t answer the phone—but did. The woman shared how the IRS was about to seize her home. Divorced and in an empty nest, this woman had only her home left to mark pride in her life. It was her as soul—her raison d’être. That long phone call ended with a workout plan to settle with the IRS and for Steven to be her bridge to a new life—one she truly desired and deserved.  Steven helped her understand that she may be but one person in the world, but she meant the world to at least one person. He coached her to find new meaning, her life’s purpose. Weeping and saying “No one ever said that to me”, she put the gun away and soon turned her world around to become financially responsible.

Steven is a professional pathfinder who is passionate about his work. Beyond wealth planning and management, his strong suits are project management and systems development. He has been a contributing author to TIPS FROM THE TOP, Advice From America’s Top Money Minds (2003), published articles for trade journals, his blog and website, newsletters, and national press (see sample clips enclosed). In addition, Steven has presented and spoken to groups large and small, including Toastmasters International, Veterans Affairs, and the U.S. military for nearly two decades on wide-ranging topics of financial literacy. He retired from the U.S. Army Reserve in 2007. He is a veteran airplane pilot who is currently finishing the construction of his personal dream; a 21st century amphibious airplane called the “Super Seawind” capable of breaking at least 5 world records for speed, distance and altitudes. Over the years, he has been fortunate to work with people across a wide range of our educational and economic spectrum. He and his wife Margaret of over 20 years live in Lexington, MA. They have one son and two grandsons. They enjoy outdoor activities like sailing, paddling and hiking.

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