Table of Contents

Chapters of Women, Wealth, and Wisdom
  1. Planning For a Great Life begins on the premise that dignity, all greatness, and all wealth emanate from thought. How we seed it and how we nurture these thoughts will determine our destinies. There are two very powerful forces of thought: conscious and unconscious. It is the latter that is the source of financial failure. Readers and the writer journey through distinctions such as wealth and richness to mind retraining strategies where they can win the Olympics of life. Through interactive exercises and anecdotes, the reader reflects on her current life and imagines one truly desired—a life-yet-to-be-lived and how it feels. She pictures herself there. She is first transfixed then transformed—in her mind—to a life of possibilities hitherto unimagined. Poor yielding behaviors are replaced with highly effective lifelong habits. She is now an unstoppable force. She has unleashed the fire within.
  1. Your Credit Rating—Who’s Keeping Score? The ABCs of credit are the DNA of our financial lives. Who’s watching? What factors have the greatest influence on good credit ratings? The interest rate we pay, the quality of our homes, autos, employment, and even our retirement can be traced, at least in part, back to our credit history. Readers review how credit can reflect character to credit issuers and why credit is so vital to individuals and the best strategies and tools to manage it. Further, guidance is provided pertaining to effective ways of identifying and fixing credit problems—for example, how to spot identity theft, how to prevent it, and of course, how to fix it. Readers find a host of resources, strategies, and mostly free tools to protect and enhance their credit status.
  1. Limiting Your Liabilities: Life Insurance: The Tool For Creation of Immediate Wealth And Wealth Protection gives an overview of various policies, their limitations, taxation, relative costs, and benefits. Best ideas for individuals and personally held businesses to enhance wealth and survivorship are listed. Readers discover means to afford insurance as a tool to grow and protect their wealth.
  1. Long-Term Care Myths, Morasses, and Myopia: How you can purchase terrific insurance affordably is an in depth look at this debacle that sinks millions of households into poverty yearly at an alarming and increasing rate that—due to longevity—tends to feminize poverty. One myth is that long-term care insurance (LTCI) is unaffordable. The morass is that, on the one hand, taxpayers end up footing a Medicaid bill that’s now breaking the U.S. treasury, while, on the other, elders are removed from their family and friends, stripped of their wealth and dignity and relegated to a lonely life in a state-paid facility that’s often akin to the one in One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The myopia is an eagle-eye view of strategies including layering life insurance with long-term care insurance for optimal results at substantial cost savings. Readers may transcend an otherwise dark and desolate future for a rich life of power, financial independence and dignity. It’s where mindfulness meets morass to deftly circumvent the gravity of this institutional black hole to discover true gold in the golden years through genius-level thinking.
  1. Growing Older and Wiser in America: Planning Your Legacy Today. The first step to our legacy is to face our mortality. Understanding that we are all born to die also means that for our life to have lasting purpose it must cast a shadow that outlives us. The goal of this chapter is to inspire real dialog between survivors and their benefactors and their advisors on what their legacy is and could be – possibilities. How do you want to be remembered? It reviews the most important things you can do in estate planning right now and the most effective strategies to make the most of your life. Here more than perhaps any other, choices today will make the difference between prosperity and poverty tomorrow. Readers safari through concepts, principles, and law with humor, anecdotes, and analogies to gain inspiration to act, not just for their heirs, but for their own wellbeing too. Cleary, those who care to plan, plan to care – for themselves and surviving generations. Legacy planning is like putting on a seatbelt—it doesn’t take a lot of effort, but you’ll never know when you’ll need it! It is the fusion of wisdom and wealth for loving and lasting – and potentially powerful outcomes. It is destiny by your own design.
  1. Best Social Security Benefit Strategies for Wealth and Survivorship Today is vital, as this bedrock of elder financial security gains importance as a consequence of 78 million aging boomers who have saved less, clashed with multiple 21st-century recessions, a decade-long flat stock market (2000-2010), low savings interest rates, and an increasingly uncertain financial future. With anecdotes and a tour of the Social Security system, readers gain a critical bird’s-eye view of demographics, trends, and mistakes people make in tapping this potentially enormous lifetime benefit that makes up most of income for the majority of American retirees older than 65. Eight strategies for widows, divorcees, and couples are blended with other retirement strategies to alert beneficiaries to possibilities for dramatically increasing their lifetime incomes – net of taxes – by wisely aligning themselves with the rules of the game of life. This chapter speeds past the destitution exit where millions are now headed and aims instead for highway cruising with self-determination and lasting dignity for elders.
  1. Veterans Benefits emphasizes the importance of enrolling in this program and exactly what to do to achieve success. One major illness while outside the program could be as financially catastrophic as it is preventable. Unlike Social Security, there are no age limits for benefits. Federal benefits are well known, but who knew that there are so many philanthropic organizations supporting veterans and their families with unmet needs with resources including interest-free loans, emergency relief (think tornados and unemployment), and free air transport? Additionally, state and local governments may offer further aid in the form of bonuses or reduced real-estate taxes. With a veteran population of 22.7 million, virtually everyone knows a veteran or has one in their extended family.[3] Here, readers explore the cavernous reaches of some best but mostly little known benefits so that every turn they make can be the right one and they may emerge intact, rich in knowledge, proud and wise.
  1. The Million-Dollar Roth: The Boomers’ RV (Retirement Vehicle) Dream is a continuing cruise through what a Roth IRA is, why it has a unique place as a pillar of retirement today, and why it’s critical to start one now inside and outside your 401(k) plan. From a structural foundation to a Roth income vehicle, readers are walked through four ways of building Roths gradually to the $1-million mark – a method merely to educate and demonstrate that it is more than possible today. Through anecdotes, the book shows strategies to convert to a Roth with a light tax bite, use a Roth as an income bridge to the day Social Security income starts, and how to have a high income and pay little, if any, taxes. The Roth can be a road to riches, but more importantly, it is a means of richness by which retirees can access the high road of a lasting financial independence that is now the exclusive realm of America’s wisest and wealthiest.
  1. How to Disappear from the IRS. Have you heard that millionaires don’t pay taxes? Well it’s true for some. Why? Because they have and practice the principles in this chapter. Much of life today is about being controlled instead of being in control. Anyone who doesn’t believe this has never been through an IRS audit! This chapter condenses the 65,000 or so pages of the Internal Revenue Code to some simple concepts and principles. With an anecdotal approach, it provides the foundation for advanced tax strategies in other chapters. It briefly reviews the history and purposes of our tax code, and it explains IRS priorities—and also its Achilles heel. Understanding this, we may readjust our thinking to match our new money minds so that we are now living enlightened on our own terms—and free at last for a rich life of wealth and wisdom.
  1. Manage Your Investments First by Goals and then by Risks. As the portal for living a rich life, this chapter guides readers through a successful investment system that has proven to be tried and true for decades as practiced by professional advisors. Instead of shooting from the hip like most investors and losing money every year, this 30,000-foot view provides the big picture of this world and how it works. It moves beyond modern portfolio theory to principles of investing and investment approaches, starting with a basic one and finishing with advanced ones. Anecdotally, it shows how the wealthy sidestepped the investment meltdown of 2008 -’09 and turned misfortune into new fortunes. As with most of the book chapters, it provides another piece of the lifetime wealth gap puzzle for how readers can attach seven digits just by changing their thoughts and then their habits today. With the best tools and technology available today, it’s where readers pick up the reins and hitch Wall Street to their life destinies to become very wise masters—and magnets—of their own wealth
  1. 16 Worst Mistakes Women Make in Their Lifetimes reviews errors to avoid at all cost. Preventing these mistakes can save women from poverty and family fractures.
  1. 16 Smartest Steps Women Can Take Now is a compendium of those things found just beyond our visible universe we may find a life of richness. It is astronaut survivorship training for living on earth. It is the frosting where we learn to get the absolute most out of our lives in the least amount of time. Any one of these tools, techniques and ideas could save a big chunk of either time or money. These are the best ideas ever for living a great life.
  1. EPILOGUE ties all the chapters together and ends with a single theme. It’s your life, you now have the power – and the knowledge of masters – what will you do with it?
  1. APPENDIX: Lists the most powerful resources the author knows for achieving wealth, health and wisdom. 


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