Women, Wealth and Wisdom


Women, Wealth, and Wisdom brings together for the first time two factors that research has shown are most likely to transform a life formerly destined for poverty to one of wisdom and wealth—life planning and personal finance. Colorful strands of mind, body, and spirit are interwoven with a fabric of best financial strategies garnered from decades of studying and practicing wealth management planning with America’s thought leaders. This book is akin to finding yourself locked in a room with Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Jayne Bryant Quinn, and Warren Buffet.

The book explores:

  • Unleashing your human capital, the foundation of all true wealth
  • Inspirational anecdotes to drive your own personal transformation
  • Finding space for a life of your dreams; masterful tools blended for time and life management.
  • Care and feeding of physical, spiritual and mental health
  • Low cost ways to being highly organized
  • Keys to solving complex problems
  • Unlocking the lifetime 7 digits that lie just beyond your glass ceiling
  • Little-known strategies for rapid wealth building and enhanced financial security with federal benefits, zero income taxation, free insurance, your credit DNA, investments and future risks, building greater security with a million-dollar Roth IRA and vital legacy documents to bridge an ever-widening wealth gap.


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